sábado, 24 de abril de 2021

#TheGDEShow​ episode 5: interview with Tamas Piros, GDE Web Technologies

Episode 5: 

Host: GDG Spain, Andreu Ibanez, Victor Sanchez

#TheGDEShow​ with special guest Tamas Piros, GDE Web Technologies
Saturday April 24th, 16:00 UTC at https://www.twitch.tv/victorsbtech

This week's show Victor and Andreu comment will not be Victor and Andreu words... as GPT-3 power will be on stage.

From https://tpiros.dev/:

"I am Tamas, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a seasoned Developer Experience Engineer.

I am a passionate advocate for modern web technologies, helping people understand and unlock the latest & greatest features of web development.

I enjoy delivering technical workshops on a variety of topics.

What I do
I blog about web technologies.
I create and record training courses, some of them are 100% free!
I run paid workshops about various web technologies.
I speak at conferences as well as meetups.


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